Colour psychology: how to make your brand unforgettable

At Dr Print, we understand just how important it is to make sure that your brand is not only recognisable but memorable. We plan entire marketing campaigns around print and merchandise to ensure that your customers are thinking of your business when it matters most. But how can a brand make sure it is unforgettable? And what does colour psychology have to do with it?


Colour is the most immediately noticeable factor about your brand, whether we are considering your logo or your website. A good brand identity will be consistent, brands such as Coca-cola have shown us that colour is super important, as the mere hint of scarlet red will have you thinking about that sweet fizzy pop on a hot day. Taking into consideration your brand identity is essential when structuring your marketing scheme. You want to ensure that the message you are communicating with your customer base and following is unequivocally your own voice. So the brand colours, tone and even typography has to be spot on, to reinforce your identity, and be memorable to your customers.


But what about colour psychology?


In his essay “Theory of Colours”, famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote about the way in which certain colours can trigger emotion or imagery. Bringing that to modern day relevance, customers can make a judgement about a brand within the first 90 seconds of seeing it and 63% of that judgement is based on colour.


Le’s take it back to very basics, Red has energetic, bold and happy associations, whilst in the meantime blue has suggestions of trustworthiness, dependability and professionalism. Let’s return to our example of coca-cola. Their brand is often advertised as the fun soda choice, with many young adults and children being their target audience. Red also creates a sense of urgency, similar to a ‘sale’ sign, prompting sales. Now let’s turn to Facebook, whose blue brand is unmistakable. Their blue exudes values they stand for, or want to be known for. Apple tends towards black, a colour that exemplifies elegance and sophistication, cornerstones around which many of the Apple products revolve.


Use this scale to see where your brand is hitting, and whether it is relevance to your business.




Exciting, passionate, urgent.

As it is such a bright primary colour, you have more room for subtlety. Red is a great colour for using as an accent within a logo to draw attention to a certain focus point




Dependable, professional, honest.

A rich blue can be calming and attractive, it is the planet’s favourite colour for a reason! With some of the world’s biggest brand such as Facebook, DELL and Ford selecting this colour, you are instantly aligning yourself with the professional world.




Friendly, adventurous, culinary.

This colour stands out as the fresh and confident shade of a brand appealing to younger audiences. Brands like Amazon and Soundcloud champion orange in their logos, standing out from the crowd and exuding a sense of freedom, independence and anti-corporate.


Where can Dr Print help?


We get to know a brand before we take a hand in the logo creation. It all comes down to the brand personality, goal objectives, and target audience. What does your brand want to be known for? Being fresh and funky, or for being dependable and honest? We work together to assign a personality that works for you, and once your logo comes together, this information will help to inform other stands of your marketing, such as which branded item would work best for your campaign.


Get in touch today to see how we can apply our expert knowledge to help achieve a brand logo that is memorable, effective, does a great job of representing your business.

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