From Pens to Mugs: Which Branded Merchandise Align With Your Business Objectives?

Branded merchandise can be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy, but is often overlooked by businesses who have had previous negative experiences with either poor quality products, or unfocused purchasing.


At Dr Print we understand that different sectors will have a different client base. Automotive, construction, events and recruitment sectors will vary massively, and so the approach taken should vary also. we take time to thoroughly comprehend  your business objectives, and produce branded merchandise that not only tells your story, but that appeals to your specific audience.


When thought and consideration is put into your branded merchandise, it is a great way to reach your target audience, and so a demographic is drawn up to fully understand and align with their values, likes, lifestyles and values. This data is then combined with our expert knowledge and experience to select the specific products that will work in accordance to your overall marketing plan.


By understanding the psychology of your ideal customer, we become fluent in their language of requirements.  This means that not only do we grab their attention with attractive products that are relevant and useful, we maintain a spot in their consciousness, increasing brand recall.


Choosing right product is vital in this process, particularly to improve the longevity of a campaign. Great thought goes into what products tells the story of your brand, what that product says about the brand, and the ways it can be used to increase exposure, advertise to a greater crowd, and increase brand loyalty. Check out our article on ‘how branded merchandise can improve your marketing’.


We are experts in this fields, and have guided a range of clients when choosing the perfect product to spearhead your merchandise campaign. You can see our portfolio to see how a whole campaign can grow from just one idea.


To learn more about the process that enables us to produce highly effective branded merchandise that wins business, let’s have a conversation today.

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