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We ‘design for print’ which basically means that anything we work on is developed with the future of the brand in mind.

As an ambitious business, you do not want a brand that just looks good on screen, you want your appearance to convey the professionalism of the work that you do. That brand should be working hard for you and it should be making impressions wherever you take it.

We work with businesses that have a vision for the future and know that they will scale. So, whether your branding is going on to a business card or a banner to cover the side of building, we ensure that it remains consistent.

Brochures, business cards, flyers, stickers, banners – whatever it may be, we can design and print it.

Our focus is on achieving brand consistency across all your printed materials. Therefore understanding your brand and working within guidelines is something we are used to doing daily. There is nothing worse than having a range of print collateral where your brand colours don’t match up. Ensure with Dr Print that your print is uniform across the board.

Although you could technically run a business without a logo, you simply won’t make that vitally important first impression, nor will people remember your business for what it is.

For us, it’s not just the first impression that counts, it’s every impression after that too.

We are a consultancy, so we love to ask questions about your business. We then apply these details to inform our creation of your logo. Whether it’s for a brand refresh, or a totally new design, get in touch today.

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