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With the increasing awareness surrounding the need for sustainability, here at Dr Print we have an innovative system in place that can help you make the greener choice when selecting your branded products.


Why is sustainability important? Sustainability helps protect the Earth’s delicate ecosystem, avoids contributing to the vast amounts of wastage, and preserves finite natural resources.


Whilst it may seem easier to make eco-conscious decisions only in our private lives, in the corporate sector a sustainable approach is not only better for the planet, but will be perceived by your audience as a compassionate and ethical decision. If your business incorporates a focus on sustainability, it reflects your standards and your care of your clients, as well as the rest of the world! Your choice of branded product is vital in reflecting your brand. You can find out more about why, and how it can boost your marketing plan here.


Our website makes taking the greener road that bit easier, with our product ranking system, ‘Green Points’.


This system takes into consideration factors that affect the planet such as amount of carbon produced, energy usage, material waste and whether it has a traceable supply chain. It then ranks each product accordingly, allowing you to make a selection of merchandise that has less of an impact on the environment. See the below examples.


This pen scores quite low in the scoring system, as it is made from virgin plastics and was produced in China, so it has only 12 points. However, at we here at Dr Print make it easy to replace this choice with a greener and more sustainable option, such as the A5 pack notepad and pen. This products gains points for being made out of recycled plastic and paper, being made in the UK, and having an FSC certified supply chain. This product not only scores 55 points on the sustainability score, but is still of the same high quality you can expect of a Dr Print product.



To discuss how Dr Print can help you make the greener choice of merchandise as part of your overall marketing strategy, get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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