5 Ways Branded Merchandise Can Boost Your Marketing Plan

Here at Dr Print we don’t just produce disposable branded merchandise. We implement a series of strategically selected products according to your industry that is branded with your logo and then distributed to a targeted audience as part of a marketing plan. High quality production is vital to represent the professional standards of your business, and sector relevance is essential to ensure you are reaching and resonating with the correct audience. Here at Dr Print, our team works to thoroughly understand your business objectives, and to maximise on your investment by getting real results. But how does branded merchandise support your marketing plan?


  • Branded merchandise improves brand recall. Can your target audience remember who you are, the services you provide, and how well you do it? Branded merch will remind your customers of your business when they are next in need of a product or service, by providing a physical prompt.


  • Increased brand awareness and reach. Badges worn, pens lent, or notebooks used are all opportunities to advertise, therefore reaching a wider audience through enhanced visibility. This reach is extended every time one of your branded items is seen by a different person, reaching through time and geographical distance in a way other marketing methods can’t.


  • Branded merch is a powerful tool to reach younger audiences. Social Media has become a powerful tool, establishing a virtual world in which 4.62 billion people have access. A member of the public snapping a selfie with your branded logo is an easy way to complement your influencer and social media campaigns.


  • Build a sense of collective community. Nurture an environment of customer loyalty with objects that are used and worn proudly, showing off your brand logo. What does it say about the user to have your brand seen on them? Tap into aspirational living, and make it fashionable and on-trend to support your logo. Think Nike, Converse, Gibson, and how they built a culture around their brand.


  • High quality products are representative of your brand. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your level of professionalism in your field. Excellent and relevant products, the messaging attached to them, and the perceived value of that item all affect how the public will see your brand. Strategically considered merchandise that is actually valued and used by the target audience will have a huge impact and accentuate your brand reputation overall


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