Vogue Luxury Events Gleaming Gold on their T-shirts

Vogue Luxury Events Gleaming Gold on their T-shirts

“Service” – this one was golden.

Vogue Luxury Events wanted their brand in Gleaming Gold on their T-shirts in time for their event last night, this is how the story unfolded…

08.30am – We get a call from the client. Their existing printer let them down at the last minute because they couldn’t get the print right.

08.45am – The call ends and we are left to pick up the pieces – I guess that’s why they call us the Doctor ?

09.15am – Our designer is briefed and she redesigns the artwork from scratch ready for proofing. What a ?

11am – Client approves the new artwork. The next challenge was production. Applying a delicate Mirror Gold Vinyl requires 10 working days. A smart reshuffle of jobs means we can complete it in 7.

6 Days Later – The order is printed and dispatched, but we’re not celebrating just yet.

Day 7 – The day of the client’s event. We check the tracking link from DPD and something doesn’t seem right.

DPD forgot to load the van with our order. No other vans available?

The Dilemma – The DPD van doesn’t return to the depot until 5.30pm. (But our clients event starts at 6.30pm!!). Our only option is to wait at the depot until they find it. This could take several hours.

What do we do? Tell the customer and blame DPD (and risk losing a customer) or get in the car, drive down to the depot and wait (costing us time and money).

It’s obvious what we did…

5pm – We deliver the order safe and sound to the clients venue ?

“The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon

What’s the best service you have provided / received, we’d love to hear your story?

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