Reward your customers for caring

How do you reward your customers for caring?

We were approached by iHub Office Ltd in Birmingham to produce some printed gift bags a week before their official launch event. The black bags with gold print were delivered successfully and we were also invited to the event. We came back with a gift bag that also included a printed notepad, pen and a brochure. Their hospitality inspired us to write this blog.

So, how do you reward your customers for caring? If you have a marketing budget, you could buy a billboard ad or create a radio campaign or make a nice promo video and blindly broaden your customer base. But who gets the money? The ad platform!

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t the customer that takes a chance with your business benefit?

When you’re hosting an event for your customers you’re spending money ON your customers – this is the same money you would have spent for a 30sec TV ad.

iHub Office Ltd gift bag

“Brand Marketing” is a whole new way of thinking about where to spend your marketing budget. Who would you rather spend your money on, a “go-between” or the people your business is supposed to serve?

A genuine, heartfelt business gift would make your customers far happier than any radio/tv ad and it will cost you far less. Give them a memorable experience of your brand so that they say, “No one else has ever cared enough to reach out to me this way”.

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