Saving The World One Coffee Cup At A Time

It’s easy not to give it much thought – it’s just a morning coffee, helping you focus at work, get more done, and it tastes great too! Our daily coffees have a dark side however, and that’s their impact on the planet.

Back in 2011 a Which? report found that over 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups were used each year in the UK. Current estimates indicate that by the time we reach 2025, we’ll be using 3.75 billion cups each year. The country is working its way through an absurdly high number of these paper cups, and there’s no easy way to recycle them.

The problem lies with the plastic lining inside the cups to keep them waterproof, which makes recycling them close to impossible. With no mainstream solution available, people are starting to push for change.

Celebrities such as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have helped bring the issue to light with popular eco-documentaries, and coffee shops seem to be accepting that there is a problem.

Are The Coffee Shops Offering A Solution?
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The answer is that some coffee chains are, though what’s available is far from perfect. Some stores offer a small discount if you bring your own reusable cup, however a lack of demand has led to some of these discounts being rescinded.

Reusable coffee cups are also available for purchase in some stores, however at the typical retail price of around £10, the expensive price point is turning customers away from environmentally friendly options, and towards their standard full price coffee.

How Can Businesses Use This As An Opportunity?

As all good businesses owners know; if there’s a problem, there’s also an opportunity. With increasing pressure for companies to take responsibility for the environmental impact of their activities and employees, putting an end to coffee cup waste in the office can be a quick win.

Gifting reusable coffee cups to employees will not only promote corporate responsibility, but also lets employees know that they are part of a positive organisation. When management want to do their best, employees typically follow suit, and the results can be seen in workplace attitudes and productivity.

Samsung collapsible coffee cup

A reusable coffee cup isn’t just a coffee cup, however. It’s a marketing tool. When ordered in volume the prices are a fraction of the cost of cups bought in coffee chains. What’s more, when they are designed and produced to showcase your brand, you end up with a happy workforce who are advertising your brand whenever they need their daily caffeine fix.

Whether it’s collapsible mugs, bamboo, or maybe something completely different, we can help. Get your project underway today to start making an impact!

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