get ahead of your competition this summer

How to get ahead of your competition this summer

Does everyone still love a freebie? Do customers get freebie fatigue? With the majority of businesses opting for the same basic giveaways, the recipient could get bored or worse, throw away their gift as its simply overkill. Another pertinent question to ask yourself, in the midst of increasing competition, how do you make your business stand out? How do you attract new customers and keep existing ones. The answer is simple. Innovation.

It is essential to implement a strategy, creating consistent and effective marketing, however without an innovative approach and innovative products, your business runs the risk of merging into the marketplace rather than leading it.

Where to start? Look at what your business is using to attract customers to your exhibition stand, to your website or social networking sites. How are you engaging with existing customers? One size does not fit all when it comes to marketing to a range of customers.

Promotional marketing items are a great method of innovatory advertising your business and engaging with new and existing customers. The beauty being the sky is the limit on the items you can purchase, brand and market. A good starting point would be reviewing your advertising budget for the rest of the year and dividing the spend into purchasing seasonal promotional items, which you give-away as part of implementing your overall marketing strategy. If you look to purchase 2 or 3 different items initially, you won’t break the bank but will begin to develop your brand innovation.

Making the most of the seasons and seasonal events is ideal. This summer instead of giving away a pen or mug why not give-away something a little different and more seasonally relevant like a frisbee, golf accessories, or a travel set. The product could be tailored to suit your business services or location. Often the more memorable gifts come from businesses you would least expect to send them.

Summer is a great time for having fun, why not use that to inspire your business innovation.

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