branding consistency Birmingham Designers

First rule of branding consistency

The first rule of branding: Consistency.

Everything from your logo to the colours you use should be consistent across all mediums. We fulfilled this brief for our client Ovivo. A good set of brand guidelines that pays attention to colour palettes, typography, etc., will help you massively especially when it comes to printing.

branding consistency Birmingham Designers

Brand guidelines are often neglected by businesses during the creation of their logo. Although it doesn’t seem necessary at the time, it does create problems for them when it comes to quality printing. For example, if a logo is created in RGB (Red, Green & Blue) it usually intended for use on the web. If you try to print this logo professionally (on to paper or a pen for instance) there is likely to be a noticeable colour difference.

A good set of brand guidelines will solve this problem because the logo is designed with consideration for how it will be used in the future, whether that be for web, social media, print or merchandise.

branding consistency Birmingham Designers

A perfect example of this is the work we produced for Ovivo where the logo needed to be applied to many different substrates. These included; bespoke golf ball sleeve packaging, bamboo golf tees, soft enamel lapel pin badges, silicone strap keyrings, bendy dude pen, curvy ball pen, stadium cups, golf umbrellas, mousemats and coasters.

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