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CBT & Therapy Hub

Business Challenge

The Challenge

The client was a new start-up, based in Birmingham, who had a company name but no branding. CBT & Therapy Hub special in helping people with conditions such as OCD, PTSD, Phobias and Eating Disorders. We were commissioned to create their logo and subsequently design and print their print collateral and merchandise.

Business Treatment

The Treatment

We conducted a rigorous design brief that took all things in to consideration including: purpose, target audience, typography, design preferences, and print mediums to name a few. We learned that the client will be using their branding across several mediums from print, website, social media to signage and merchandise. Therefore, it was important to create a logo that would hold consistent across several mediums without compromising on their brand colours and design. The logo also needed to appeal to her target audience of patients that were often suffering from chronic anxiety and depression.


A combo-mark logo was created to incorporate the company name and logo. The logo holds an underlying message of ‘letting go’ that appeals to their patients. The client was very pleased with the result

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“I couldn't be happier ”

Raj Bassi

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Raj Bassi

Thank you for the great service I have received from Dr Print. I am very pleased with the outcome of everything provided for the start of my business from logo designs, roller banners, business cards and letterheads. I couldn’t be happier with the service they offer, I highly recommend Dr Print to anyone for service and quality product

Raj Bassi – CBT & Therapy Hub