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Branding and Design for Hospitality / Events Management

Whether it’s a small scale event or an exhibition, planning is everything. Organizing the branding, apparel for attendees and promotional giveaways and gifts or prizes alone is a mammoth task. Read more…

Having done several exhibitions ourselves, we understand the need to meet tight deadlines whilst ensuring high quality products and print that advertises your brand and reputation at its best. Hospitality and events management is one of our key sectors and our consultants are highly trained to help you manage your project from start to finish, whatever the brief.

Branding for Restaurants & Hotels Hospitality brand strategy and visual identity Design Agency The right logo design will make your company unforgettable

Here is a shortlist of some our most popular promotional items used regularly within the hospitality and events sector:

  • Awards / medals
  • Notebook gift sets
  • Golf Balls
  • Banners
  • Tablecloths

If this has inspired you, or you want to learn more about what DR Print could do for your business, get in with us touch today.

Restaurants & Hotels Hospitality Marketing

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