Our Branding

and Design History

Who are you, what do you do?

We are Dr Print. For us print is art.

Since 1976, we have been working with SME’s and corporates to future proof their designs.

We create designs that withstand the test of time. Our understanding of production comes from our knowledge of design. We are able to offer brand identities that look great on screen and also when printed. Therefore, we can guarantee your brand will be consistent across all print platforms.

Branding Birmingham
Branding and Design Birmingham

What can you do for me?

We ensure that your brand remains consistent, functional and memorable.

Design agencies often start projects without thinking about the products the customer might want to have produced. They don’t consider the materials and production processes as a necessary part of the design process. Our approach is creatively pragmatic, and we design with production in mind.

Production is never an after-thought of design, its integral

Why should I care?

We care about your brand. You should too.

If you don’t look as a good as you are, it can stop people from working with you.

Society is quick to judge. It’s human nature. You don’t want your brand to be associated with words like cheap, tacky or average. What you see should send a strong message about your brand.

Birmingham Printer
printing birmingham local

What do you want me to do?

We want to help you personalise your passion.

A great design can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to print.

We help you to stimulate the sense of your customers. Printed materials provoke the sense of sight, smell and touch, we want your customers to experience the quality of your print. Therefore, we tailor to the senses, it’s not something you can buy from an online store.

Let us understand your brand.


Managing Director, ‘The Big Doc’
The founder with humble beginnings who started the business in 1976 as a sign writer and then grew it in to a successful printing firm. He now overlooks all aspects of the business with a keen eye for detail (through a magnifying glass). He also keeps 25 Koi Karp in his back garden – big softy really!



Sales & Technical Director, ‘The Print Surgeon’
Aptly named the ‘Print Surgeon’ because he is technically brilliant and knows everything there is possibly to know about print and promotional merchandise – inside and out! A critical team member who is the brainchild of developing our promotional merchandise business and growing it to what you see today! When he’s not working, you’ll find him doing some insane gym routine.



Marketing & Sales Director, ‘The Mad Doc’
You will know if you have spoken to the Mad Doc because he is always bursting with new ideas and loves to get stuck in on new projects. If you think you have an impossible idea, give the Mad Doc a call! He is responsible for all of our lovely marketing campaigns and developing new business. Creativity spills over in to his life outside of work too where you might find him sitting under a tree doodling!


Sales Consultant, ‘Dr Charm’
The truth is, we don’t know how he does it! He will have you won over before you can say, ‘Dr Print’. This service-driven sales consultant will truly give your business the tender, loving care that it deserves. New or existing accounts, you still get the same great treatment. A keen golfer, Dr Charm likes to spend his weekends away from the wife and on the golf course.     


Graphic Design, ‘The Designer Doc’
The heart of what we do sits in the design room. She works tirelessly creating, drawing and coordinating all of the design elements of your project. Whether it’s a basic logo re-draw or a complex packaging design you can trust our designer to deliver on your project. You can also trust her to eat all of your sweets if she finds them!


Accounts, ‘Dr Crunch’
Last but by no means the least, our team would not be complete without our number cruncher. Responsible for all things financial, Dr Crunch ensures a healthy and well-maintained print operation. She is also a master in the kitchen and treats us every now and again to some home-cooked food!

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